Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's crazy to think that over half my time here is already done.  I've definitely started to become more comfortable here and I know it will be hard for me to say goodbye in a week and a half.  On the other hand, I am really missing my family, friends, and fiancé so it will be good to be home with them :)

Every night at dinner we go around the the table and we share what our "Happy and Crappy's" of the day were (Also sometimes called "blessed and stretched" or as one of my teammates said, "Chocolate and Vegetables").  So, I thought I would share what my "Happy and Crappy's" have been thus far.

-The starchy, scratchy feeling my clothes have after I wash them- I have yet to perfect the art of hand washing my clothes ;)
-Being sick- nothing serious, just a cold, but it has been draining me a little so pray that God will give me energy.
-It can be discouraging learning about how some families here don't believe that education is important. Some won't send their kids to school, even if the tuition money is donated to them.
-It breaks my heart to see how so many of the women here don't think they are beautiful or have worth.  Pray that God will use us to show them how loved and valued they are.
-Some of the hardest times for me have been going on house visits where women will open up to us and tell us their stories.  They talk about being beaten by their husbands and it makes me feel so helpless.  I just want to do something to protect them, but I know that's not my job.  Pray that God will comfort and protect these women and that He will change the hearts of the husbands and men that are oppressing them.

-The women here and their incredible hospitality.  Even though they have very little, they are so generous to us.  Getting to know them has been such a humbling experience and they have taught me so much about how to give joyfully.
-We live just a block away from a store called the Yellow Shop that sells ice cream and cookies.  It makes me very happy :)
-How the kids shower us with hugs and kisses everyday.
-Riding through Goa on the back of a motorbike- so scary, but so fun!
-Sharing the gospel with the children at Tuition- pray that God will continue to work in their hearts and be present throughout their whole lives.
-How my teammates can me laugh until I cry :)
-Milk tea, milk tea, and more milk tea... so good!
-The rain and the coolness it brings
-Seeing God work in the lives of these little children and the women we work with.  He is so powerful and faithful.
-How eager the kids at Tuition are to learn.  I'm praying that God will give me the same thirst for knowledge that they have.
-My whole team- they have been my family here and I have grown to love them so so much!  They are an amazing group of women who have been my support throughout these past weeks.  I have been learning so much from them and I can't thank God enough for putting them here with me.

God is working in so many ways here in Goa, many of which I'm probably still unaware.  I feel so incredibly blessed that God has given me this opportunity to join in His work here for these six weeks.

Thank you all for the prayers and support.

Love you all!


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